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Ooji Subaru is a masculine young girl that looks like a handsome prince, transferring from an all-girl to a co-ed school, Otogibayashi High School, along with her childhood friend, Megumi. She has blue eyes and short black hair (also depicted as dark green or dark blue).


Ooji Subaru is the reincarnation of the prince from the fairytales. She's quite cheerful and prince-like. Her personality not only attracts female characters but male characters as well.

She often wakes up early around 6:30am. She likes reading, talking to cute girls, and secretly looking at cute things. She also secretly admires the cute and beautiful princesses in fairytales. She envies girls with long hair, such as the hair Megumi's mom used to have. Which is why she states girls with long black hair are her ideal type.

Chapter one she has a dream about the princesses asking her to choose. But she soon discovers that the princesses have been reincarnated as students in the school thanks to a curse by a witch. When the princesses had their hearts captured by the prince, they started a war to when the prince's heart. Seeing this happen the witch couldn't stand for it. Now to break the curse she has to decide which princess she'll choose to be with.

In a later chapter, the Chairman of Otogibayashi High tells Ooji that she has until graduation to decide on her princess.

History Edit

When Ooji was younger, she was hated by Megumi. But they eventually became friends. And whenever Megumi was bullied Ooji would come to his rescue. She was in co-ed school until the age of 9.

When her father went overseas, she refused to accompany him (for no particular reason) and she went to an all girls school. And after 7 years, she'll transfer to a co-ed school for high school. And after a little while she started living with her father again when he returned from overseas.

Her mother passed away a long time ago.


Megumi KuromoriEdit

Megumi is Ooji's childhood friend who used to be bullied. He is also the witch who laid the curse. He also protected her from a kid a year older than them by throwing a desk at the boy. He's very protective of Ooji.

Susuharu ReijiEdit

Reiji is Ooji's classmate and also the reincarnation of Cinderella. He is hardworking and sees Ooji as his rival.

Ibusuki MotochikaEdit

Ibusuki is a 3rd year in middle school, Ooji's underclassman and the reincarnation of Thumbelina.

Yukinashi MashiroEdit

Yukinashi is Ooji's classmate and also the reincarnation of Snow White.

Haruno NastunaEdit

Otherwise known as friend 1, she has a crush on Yukinashi Mashiro. But also becomes flustered around Ooji, which causes her to question her feelings.


Otherwise known as friend 2, friends with and worries about Haruno. She is also friends with Ooji.

Hito KomekoEdit

Hito is a pretty girl, Ooji's friend, and the reincarnation of Little Red Riding hood.